When someone mentions free eCommerce website templates in Canada, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? It’s probably a free website builder. This is logical because these free templates are usually offered as part of the website building process provided by website builders focused on eCommerce websites. So, if you want to know where to get them, keep reading because we will show you a few places on the Internet used by thousands of Canadians.

IM Creator

First of all, there is IM Creator, an eCommerce website builder that has hundreds of free templates specially designed for online stores. Over 10 million websites are powered by IM Builder and their number is growing every day. This online platform is offering a wide range of SEO tools, marketing tools, and analytics tools to all its users. Building an eCommerce website has never been easier thanks to IM Creator.


Weebly is another place where you can find free eCommerce website templates in Canada. This is an open source website builder that has been operating for years now. Besides website building, you can use Weebly to buy domain names and web hosting packages. This website provides many useful eCommerce solutions including a tax calculator, PayPal integration, digital gift cards, coupons and more. You will get more than 500 MB storage, multi-page layers, free back up and other things that will make your online business venture easier.


Yet another incredible free online website builder that eCommerce enthusiasts can use. In addition to more than 30 free and unique templates, you can use ucraft to create blogs, forms, portfolios and fully functional online stores. It’s very easy to integrate this site with different software tools like Google Docs and MailChimp for example.


The name says it all – WebsiteBuilder is a one-stop site for those who want to build a modern eCommerce website without paying a dime. There are more than 10.000 templates found on this platform and most of these templates are completely free. On top of that, every user is free to customize the templates and make them suitable for their personal needs and requirements. After using WebsiteBuilder for a few hours, you should be able to create a successful eCommerce website. After that, all you have to do is to start looking for potential customers and make them buy something from your offer.