Most people know that creating an online store today is easier than ever before. But, many people think that this venture requires a significant investment too. While it’s true that you have to invest some time and energy, it is also true that you can make one without spending a dime. But, in order to achieve this goal and create online store for free, you have to find a good online store builder that works for free.


The first one on our list of suggestions is Mozello. This is a small European-based platform that lets you create online stores and other types of business websites for free. It comes with multilingual support, but that’s not all. Mozello has 500 MB of storage which should be enough for any small online store. In addition, it has a good system for inventory tracking (it’s difficult for products to get out of stock in this way). Finally, there is an opportunity for online sellers to use different product options. Remember that with Mozello, you have to add SSL certificate on your own.


The name of this online store builder can’t be more self-explanatory. This store builder has over 500.000 users. Unlike Mozello, it provides free SSL. It also has different online payment processors that you can use in your store like Skrill, PayPal, and Stripe. There are no transaction fees on your sales and you can use a wide range of sophisticated features like importing and exporting products through CSV. Don’t forget that Freewebstore is suitable only for physical products.


This may be the newest eCommerce website builder on this list, but this doesn’t make it less attractive. One of the things that users like about MyOnlineStore is that allows you to build a store with responsive and modern design. You can also choose different payment options including Bitcoins. The website comes with a multilingual support. The greatest downside is the absence of free SSL.


Finally, this is one of the fastest growing eCommerce website builders out there. It currently has more than twenty million users. Users describe it as one of the simplest, most reliable and easiest to use website builders they’ve seen. The free version comes with 500 MB of storage, SSL and user0friendly interface. What some users may find bad is that credit card payments are processed only via PayPal.